Email Marketing

How does Avirda handle Email Marketing ?

We handle your entire email strategy from acquisition to conversion at Avirda. Active email lists are a gold mine for brands. It gives your company a direct line of communication with prospective clients and current ones, but it can also vastly enhance your paid media efforts.

Email Marketing for E-commerce
We help clients optimize each email with custom content, email automation, A/B tests, segmented audiences and relevant copy.
Email marketing for B2B
We turn your email database into a conversion machine with the perfect combination of CRM management, automated yet personalized email sequencing and analytics.
Performance-Driven Email Marketing
We establish KPIs, evaluate benchmarks, and deep-dive into your data to understand and optimize your email campaigns.

What's included!

Email marketing can begin any time, and the sooner, the better.

This is the average number of emails you will get every month.

Email marketing isn't about sending out emails. We don't provide email lists. Your specialists will build pop-ups to gather clients' names and email addresses.

This package does not include your ESP license or setting up your email tracking infrastructure, which is a mandatory requirement before you start your email marketing campaign.

It all comes down to optimizing data for learning and continuously improving your marketing efforts. Even the best strategies don’t always work out perfectly.