Search Engine Optimization

The Avirda SEO team has brought together two proven SEO fundamentals: a keen analysis of organic search traffic metrics, and a strategic approach to developing search-optimized content.

How does Avirda handle SEO ?

Technical Audit
We analyze every aspect that can affect your website’s web ranking: broken links, duplicate content, meta descriptions, site speed, mobile responsiveness and more.
Content strategy
By using a strong content strategy, your brand will be trusted in your industry as well as rank high in the search engines.
Increase brand awareness locally
Local SEO optimizes your brand's chance of being seen by potential customers near you.

What's included!

SEO is an effective tool, but it takes time to show results. Often times, it takes anywhere from 4-6 months for an SEO strategy to actually deliver results.

Article writing is not included in our SEO service. Your experts will recommend which articles to write, how to format, and which keywords to include. If you want an expert to write for your website, ask one of our marketing consultants about our SEO post package.

The number of keywords is related to a range of factors, including - category keywords, product keywords, informational (blog post type) keywords, and more. As you can see, it's very personal to every business. Contact one of our marketing consultants who can help you determine the package you need.

Our experts focus on giving your SEO the biggest boost. They are not web developers, and we don’t give SEO implementation advice.

If your business has under 100 pages, you will need 400 keywords researched.