Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the process of increasing landing page traffic by placing ads on search engines. 93% of online experiences start with search engines.

How does Avirda handle SEM ?

Deep Segmentation
Our best ROAS (return on ad spend) comes from deep segmentation of search activity across many factors, including intent and location.
Google Shopping Ads
This kind of ad campaign promotes your product or service to high-intent consumers who are searching for a specific product via Google.
Effective Partnership
Our SEM team works closely with the digital experts at Google to ensure we always use best practices and incorporate innovation and testing into our strategy.

What's Included!

SEM is a digital marketing strategy used to increase the visibility of a website on search engine result pages (Google, Bing).

Search engines use sophisticated algorithms to ensure that every search returns the most relevant results, including location and other available information.

Paid search ads appear at the top and side of a search engine's result page for higher visibility and prominence than organic results.

 A/B testing your landing pages is a simple way to maximize your spend by optimizing for average order value or revenue per page. Optimizing your landing pages can improve your SEO Network Quality Score, which can lower your average cost-per-click.

As more and more consumers conduct product research and purchase online, SEM is becoming a major online marketing strategy to increase a company’s reach. Almost all new visitors to a site arrive by performing a query in a search engine.